Modular synth and a 360 camera.
Recue X Jolea - Jam with quirky little boxes.
A jam with quirky little boxes.
Recue X Jolea - Live for Sunnuntaikooma
Live rendition of "Knives Are Falling" for Bassoradio.
Studio Experiment #3 - Zoom H6. A test of this little recorder by creating a track using only sounds recorded with it. More of a challenge than an experiment.
Kesä / Summer Barbecue and beats, live.
Do Not Disturb A hotel room somewhere in Sweden.
In the Attic #1 - Blame Live outtake from We're Not Like the Most with Jolea.
Korg MS-20M filter battle.
Filter test with some oldschool rave.
Studio Experiment #1 - Cheap Tape Head Saturation MacGyver style instructional on how to get crunchy sound using regular household items.