Recue X Jolea

Recue X Jolea

Where ‘Do Not Disturb‘ left off.

Performing a live set utilizing sampled vocals left a spark that the concept needed to be pushed further. As you might know I’ve worked every now and then with Jolea on various projects, so asking her to work with me on a live set with her amazing vocals was just the logical way to proceed.

We started building a live set basing on completely new material combining it with both of our personal work. The aim was solely on live performance but things have started to evolve towards a  release as well. As for now I am glad to present the project to you with a video, downloadable tracks and a glimpse of what you’ll get when you hear us live.

‘In the Attic’ is a rehearsal session we recorded at a gloomy penthouse/loft during a rainy September afternoon extending to late night. The first cut from it is a track called Blame which is a remake of a track originally released by Jolea on her debut album Ghostly Figures.

On the audio player above you can hear bits and pieces of the complete live set already performed here and there with heartwarmingly positive responses. Hope you like what you hear and see you at the gigs!


Update! The album basing on this project is now 100% finished and we’re preparing the release for it during Fall 2014!