Recue X Jolea

Recue X Jolea

Performing a live set utilizing sampled vocals left a spark that the concept of working with vocals needed to be explored further. I’ve worked every now and then with Jolea on various projects, so asking her to work with me on a live set with was a logical way to proceed.

We started building a live set basing on completely new material combining it with both of our personal work. The aim was solely on live performance but things started evolving towards a release.

‘In the Attic’ is a rehearsal session we recorded at a gloomy penthouse/loft during a rainy September afternoon. The first cut from it is a track called Blame which is a remake of a track originally released by Jolea on her debut album Ghostly Figures.

The end result is released as a gorgeous white 12″ vinyl and it’s available through Jolea’s own label Audiobbaum.

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