Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

A hotel room and some excess time.

Sometimes good things come out of boredom, sometimes… surprising things, which I think it in this case is; A thing that started out as a spur of the moment and slightly tongue in cheek idea, but the excess time at hand polished it into a complete set of music.

The live set is built around misuse of 90s hip hop and pop music vocals in a hotel room somewhere in Sweden. It combines bits and pieces of unreleased Recue material and full on improvisation with awkward moments of realizing what the vocal track being tinkered with actually is. So it’s an odd mutation of a mixtape, mashup and bootleg remixes.

The result is a live mix filled with bass heavy sluggish beats spiced up with fast paced syncopated percussions recorded from random stuff found around the hotel room and mangled through digital production.

Musically we’re moving from ultra slow to ultra fast, however you want to hear it. The headphone atmospherics and soundscapism is there and the set gradually grows through loosely plastered beats and chopped up oldschool drum breaks towards a more energetic, even dancefloorey end.

The release consists of two parts, the first being a performance video including the first half of the set. The second part is the complete 27:30 minutes of freely downloadable audio. This two part solution is a result of some technical, copyright etc. matters and due to the fact that I might not be that handsome guy to keep up interest when seen hunching over controllers for half an hour.

So why play a set alone in a hotel room, you might ask. The reason is that I was recently ’stuck’ for some time in an airport hotel due to other obligations besides music. As you might know, airport hotels are not the world’s most exciting places or even physically near anything exciting, so instead of watching pay-TV and drinking beer, this is how I spent the spare hours in the evenings.

I could have also gone to the hotel gym and just post the before and after photos but that wouldn’t have been even nearly as fun. So thanks to Native Instruments and Ableton for the gained 5 kilos*, I’m glad I packed the mobile studio. Hope you enjoy the results too!


*The set could also be called ‘33 days of bacon’.

Note! You can download the set for free on its soundcloud page. If the soundcloud 1000 downloads limit gets reached, I’ll have a small celabration and throw in some bonus tracks for you!